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Top Mono-Black Commanders. Related Info Click to expand. So guys this is my competitive mono black deck. This deck is loaded with mana ramp, card draw, and combos that you wouldn't believe. This deck has the potential to win quickly,but is built for the long game. It wins anywhere from turn 7-10 on average in a 4 player game. Depends on how much control is coming my way. Your main win cons will be. Updated Apr 27, 2018 by grandslam using our MTG Deck Builder. My main EDH deck, the idea is to chain tutors and mana doublers the wide diversity of threats and removal. Mono Black Sidisi Stax. This deck has been my baby for the past 2 years now. I've stubbornly tried to make mono-black a viable strategy in my LGS's competitive EDH nights, but to little avail. Commander Mondays: Competitive Mono-Black Control. For this week’s article, I’ve decided to bring another one of my old favourites out of the cupboard. This week I’m discussing my old deck list for Xiahou Dun, The One-Eyed.

04.06.2015 · Question in title. Assuming the budget is around $1000 and the meta is all highly tuned needs to win by around turn 5ish, or control the game until it wins through attrition like a stax build, which general would be the most competitive in mono-black? Updated Jul 20, 2017 by TangerineMantis using our MTG Deck Builder. c A deck I've been tweaking and tinkering with for a couple years now. I'm frequently swapping. Broadcast and play with locals. Broadcasting is a way to meet up and play with people in your area. Location services must be turned on for this site on your browser a prompt should appear.

I recently had the idea of building a mono black [[doomsday]] deck, which might be awful, but just like the idea of it. I have a [[Xiahou Dun]] that I recently picked up that I think will be the best Commander. There’s something here, and it could evolve beyond what I’ve been able to do with it over the course of a couple of days. The overall strategy is powerful and the deck is full of A cards. If you’re looking to play a mono-black deck, a real mono-black deck, and not a The Rack deck, take a look at this shell. Mono. White Blue Black Red Green Colorless 2 Color. Azorius Dimir Rakdos Gruul Selesnya Orzhov Izzet Golgari Boros Simic 3 Color. Esper Grixis.

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